Is Male Crime Shaped by ‘Masculinity’ ? A-Level Sociology Videos

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Is male crime shaped by ‘masculinity’ ?

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The idea that masculinity might be a major influence on crime has been generally neglected until fairly recently. Few questions were asked about what it is about being male that leads men to offend.

The feminist perspective was the first to focus criminological attention to the role of gender role socialisation in the social construction of crime. For example, Oakley explained that this might result in boys and men subscribing to values that could overlap with criminality, especially in working-class families. These ideas were later developed by James Messerschmidt who argued that boys in the UK are socialised into hegemonic masculine value systems that stresses differences from women with clear masculine goals that need to be achieved for boys to become a real man.

This A-Level Sociology Video explores concepts and sociologists such as Normative masculinity, Bob Donnell, Messerschmidt, hegemony, hegemonic masculinity, edgework, night-time economy.


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