What Are the Links Between Globalisation and Crime?

Published on 17th September 2017 by

What are the links between globalisation and crime?

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Snippet from the Video:
Events in one location impacting another distant location at the local level refers to Globalisation.
Globalisation is the wide spread interconnectedness of individuals and events throughout the world impacting financial, cultural and even criminal aspects of everyday life. This has occurred as a result in the massive advancement of widespread information and communication technologies, cheap air travel, and deregulation of many financial and business markets. In particular, criminal activity has had its own global growth through the same aspects of interconnectedness of the financial and business markets leading to a globalisation of crime.

Globalisation of crime has spurned what’s coined as “transnational organised crime” creating borderless economic enterprises through new crime types, offending patterns, and opportunities.

This A-Level Sociology video will investigate issues such as McMafia, Glocal, Global Criminal Economy, Global Risk Consciousness and Crimes of the Powerful.

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