What is the Feminist Perspective on Religion Part 2: Feminist on Religion

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What is the Feminist Theory on Religion?

Part 2: Feminist on Religion

Snippet from the Video:

Mary Daly

Mary Daly held radical views that religion was based on hostility and hatred towards women known as misogyny.

She believed patriarchy was at the core of religion and was created by men to exploit women and condition them ideologically to accept this inequality as normal.

This facilitated the belief of Feminine Evil as a myth which justified persecution of untrustworthy women.

Daly’s form of feminism is illustrated in her assessment of violence and damage caused by religion against women.

As women have suffered mentally and physically based on theology that is used to make the women that choose abortions and use birth control feel guilty. It pressures women to submit to their husbands at home and to male leadership out of the home thus degrading them verbally, symbolically and personally.

She feels women need to abandon religion so they can find respect and liberation.

Daly identified the use of Bible stories to portray women as bad and needing men to save them from their problems as in the story of Adam and Eve. Adam is the innocent and good protector of Eve who is bad, tempted by the devil and does as he asks disregarding Adam’s and God’s warnings.

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