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Precooked Sociology is a fab resource. Practical and easy to access and invaluable to my students. Great for flipped learning and revision.

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What is Phenomenology?

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In philosophy, the word ‘phenomenon’ is used to describe the way in which things appear to our senses. Philosophies such as phenomenology put forward by Husserl (1859-1939) take as their starting point the view that we can never know what the world is actually like, but must rely on what our senses tell us about it. This A-level Sociology video explores how phenomenology has been applied by Schutz to society. This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:
  • Schutz
  • Husserl
  • Phenomenology
  • Typifications
  • Natural Attitude
  • Berger and Luckmann
If you want further explanations about other theories like ethnomethodology or more in-depth A-Level sociology videos on theory and methods then just click the links on this page.


What is the belief that the social world is something real ‘out there’ also known as?

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Who disagreed with Schutz and queried how society could be merely a product of our mind when, once meanings are set, they then become an external reality that can have profound effects on our lives?

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Who applied the philosophical theory to society?

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Who was the first to coin the term phenomenology?

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These allow us to organise the world into a shared understandable form. What are these?

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What is the Functionalist view of the family?

What is the Functionalist view of the family?

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Functionalists adhere to the principle that a society creates a value consensus; or shared norms and values among its members which facilitates cooperation and harmony to meet societal needs and shared goals.

They regard society as a group of inter-dependent sub-systems that depend on one another for functional success and sustainment.

Think of this like the vital organs of the human body working to keep a person whole and alive like the heart, lungs and brain. For example, in society the family, education system and economy are dependent on each other to achieve the functional goal to socialize children as society sees fit.

If you would like to expand your knowledge on the Functionalist perspective then visit our Sociology of Crime and Deviance section.