Class Differences in Achievement Part 1: What are the effects of cultural deprivation?

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Class Differences in Achievement Part 1:
What are the effects of cultural deprivation?

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This A-level sociology video explores sociologists’ view that educational failures may be the result of material deprivation, compared to cultural deprivation theorists who point to working-class subculture deficiencies as the root cause. Material deprivation represents the conditions of poverty like a lack of material resources such as money and housing.

Flaherty, for example, indicates that money issues are a significant predictor of school absences with younger children:

  • Poor children are more often truanting and excluded from school.
  • 90% of underperforming schools are located in deprived areas.
  • A link has been made between poverty and social class, where a majority of working-class families have low income and poor housing which can impact a child’s education in many ways.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

    • material deprivation
    • Hubbs-Tait
    • Feinstein
    • restricted code
    • elaborated code
    • Bernstein
    • Working-Class Subculture
    • Collectivism

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Who identified two distinct types of speech codes

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Who stated that language in lower-class homes are deficient; communicating more by gestures, single words and unstructured phrases?

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Who stated that working-class subculture contains four main barriers to educational success: Fatalism, Collectivism, Immediate Gratification and Present-time Orientation?

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Which speech code is used by the middle class and consists of more vocabulary, longer and grammatically complex sentences where the speech is varied and expresses more abstract information?

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Which speech code is most used by the working class, having limited vocabulary using short, rudimentary grammar with simple sentences?

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Cultural Deprivation
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