Childhood Part 2: Has the Position of Children Improved? A-Level Sociology Video

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Childhood Part 2:

Has the position of children improved?

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As explained in Childhood Part 1, childhood is socially constructed and varies between cultures throughout time and location. There are differences between the ideal of childhood in western cultures compared to past European and present day Third World societies. This is exemplified in the Middle ages where child labour was a normal fact of life for children, along with education being available only to the wealthy. In this video we will explore the notion that childhood has improved over time and the opposing views which explain the inequalities children face in society, and how childrens’ lives are controlled in different ways.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

  • social construction
  • Key Study: Shulamith Firestone
  • child-centredness
  • march of progress view
  • Age Patriarchy
  • Diana Gittins

If you want further explanations about Families and Households and Childhood then just click the links on this page.


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