What do Liberal and Radical Feminist Believe?

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Why do feminists disagree about how to overcome women’s subordination? Liberal and radical feminism.

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Though ‘feminists’ have differences of opinion, they all believe society is male dominated and seek to change this. As such, feminism is a political movement and a sociological theory. As a modern theory, feminism’s origins can be traced back to the enlightenment, which sought to promote ideals such as equality, and the idea that, through human reason, a better society can be created. For a feminist, the principles of the enlightenment should apply to women as well as men, and its goals should include gender equality.

This A-Level Sociology video explores concepts such as Liberal feminism, Radical feminism, patriarchy, consensus view of society.


What does 'patriarchy' mean by definition?

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Radical feminists argue there are areas - spheres - where men dominate women. What are those spheres?

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It's a socially constructed category, meaning it is created by society through social processes like socialisation and reinforced in social institutions like education and family. Which of below is this referring to?

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Critics of liberal feminists state laws have not made women equal to men. Which law do you think would support this claim?

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Radical feminists believe equality will happen by...?

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Quiz: Liberal and Radical Feminism
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