What is Phenomenology?

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What is Phenomenology?

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In philosophy, the word ‘phenomenon’ is used to describe the way in which things appear to our senses.

Philosophies such as phenomenology put forward by Husserl (1859-1939) take as their starting point the view that we can never know what the world is actually like, but must rely on what our senses tell us about it.

This A-level Sociology video explores how phenomenology has been applied by Schutz to society.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

  • Schutz
  • Husserl
  • Phenomenology
  • Typifications
  • Natural Attitude
  • Berger and Luckmann

If you want further explanations about other theories like ethnomethodology or more in-depth A-Level sociology videos on theory and methods then just click the links on this page.


Who applied the philosophical theory to society?

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What is the belief that the social world is something real ‘out there’ also known as?

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Who disagreed with Schutz and queried how society could be merely a product of our mind when, once meanings are set, they then become an external reality that can have profound effects on our lives?

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Who was the first to coin the term phenomenology?

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These allow us to organise the world into a shared understandable form. What are these?

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