What is the Debate about Family Diversity? Part 2: Postmodernism

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What is the Debate about Family Diversity? Part 2: Postmodernism

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Modernists view family through the lens of the nuclear family being the dominant type, and from a top down viewpoint where the structure shapes behaviours of its members in order to perform necessary societal functions.

Other sociologists reject there is an ideal family type or that the family shapes member’s behaviour. Social action or postmodern sociologists indicate the functional, modern approach ignores two factors:

  • Individuals are social actors making their own choices on family life and relationships. This contrasts the structural ideal that actions are shaped and formed by the needs of society.
  • Individuals in modern society have greater choices about relationships which increases family diversity thereby eliminating the focus on the single, ideal, dominant family type.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

  • Cheal
  • Haraven
  • Life course analysis
  • Family practices

If you want further explanations about family diversity or more in-depth A-Level sociology videos on families and households then just click the links on this page.


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