What is the Feminist Perspective on Religion? Part 1: Patriarchy and Religious Feminism

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What is the Feminist Theory on Religion?

Part 1: Patriarchy and Religious Feminism

Snippet from the Video: Full Evaluation of Feminist Theory is in Part 2.

Feminists view society as patriarchal, or male dominated. Many feminists view religion as patriarchal which embodies and promotes inequality. Essentially, religious beliefs act as patriarchal ideology which legitimises female subordination.

Evidence of Patriarchy

Though religion teaches equality between the sexes, there is evidence or patriarchy within many teachings.

Religious Organisations are male dominated despite the fact that women are more active in these organisations.

An example of this is where the Orthodox Judaism and Catholic religions forbidding women to be priests. In fact, Karen Armstrong views women’s exclusion from becoming priests as evidence of marginalisation.

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