What is the Functionalist View on Education?

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What is the Functionalist View on Education?

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Functionalism views society as a system of co-dependent sections, such as family, economy or education; which are united through a shared culture, known as a value consensus.

Value consensus is the agreed upon values that are important to a society based on each member’s perspective.

These co-dependent parts perform essential functions for society, thus holding it together. In this perspective, there is a desire to understand how education functions and helps society succeed.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

  • Davis and Moore
  • Society in Miniature
  • Durkheim
  • Parsons
  • Meritocracy
  • Social Solidarity
  • Role Allocation

If you want further videos on the functionalists perspectives on education or more in-depth A-Level sociology videos on the sociology of education then just click the links on this page.


What sociologists see education as a system of selection and role allocation, which sifts and sorts people into the roles that they will go on to perform in life.

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Who stated that the two main functions of education is creating social solidarity and teaching specialist skills?

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The integration of people into society through shared values, a common culture, shared understandings, and social ties that bind them together. What is the correct concept?

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The knowledge and skills possessed by a workforce that increases that workforce's value and usefulness to employers; the theory that a country's people are a potential source of wealth; by educating its people, a country can increase its human capital. What is the correct concept?

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A society in which occupational and other status positions are achieved on the basis of individual merit like talent, skill and educational qualifications. What is the correct concept?

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Functionalism and Edu

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