What is the Marxist View of the Family? Families and Households

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What is the Marxist Perspective of the Family?

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This A-Level Sociology video explores the Marxist perspective on the Family.

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Opposed to the value consensus based society functionalists adhere to; Marxists see capitalist societies based in unequal conflict between two main classes:

  • The capitalist class who controls production
  • The working class whose work is exploited for profit by the capitalist class

Marxists’ central belief is that societal institutions such as education, media, religion, the state, and the family maintain class inequality through capitalism. In direct contrast to functionalists, Marxists see the family functions performed in support of the capitalist system. Marxists views the family as fulfilling some main functions to support capitalism:

  • Inheritance of property
  • Ideological functions
  • As a unit of consumption


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