What is the New Right View on Education?

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What is the New Right View on Education? Sociology of Education

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The New Right, as a conservative view incorporating neoliberal economic philosophies, is based on a belief that a state cannot meet its people’s needs better than the individual citizens managing their own needs in a free-market. This is their reason this philosophy endorses marketisation of education. Neoliberalism will be explained in our Concept-time part of the video later on.

The New Right is aligned with a functionalist viewpoint in that both endorse the idea that some individuals are more talented than others, the education system should be based on meritocracy and open competition by preparing young individuals to aid the overall economy through their work. They also view education as a means to allow students to socialize in order to reach shared values like competition, as well as create a sense of national identity.

This video includes concepts and sociologists such as:

  • New Right
  • Neoliberalism
  • Chubb and Moe
  • Consumer choice
  • Marketisation of education

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Stacey (1998) is associate with what notion?

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Ulrich Beck (1992) is associated with what notion?

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What sociologist state that although diverse families are more accepted than the 1950s, families are still traditional in the sense that people still live in a family, most children are raised by couples, and most couples are married even after divorce?

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Postmodernists and Feminists reject the nuclear family as being the ONLY true family type. What do they argue (think Weeks)?

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Giddens (1992): family and marriage have recently been changed by greater choice and equal roles for men and women. Which TWO from below does he mention?

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