Why do Feminists Disagree ? Marxist, Difference and Poststructuralism

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Why do Feminists Disagree about How to Overcome Women’s Subordination? Marxist, Difference and Poststructuralism

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As we have noted in Part 1 (What do Liberal and radical Feminists Believe?), there are many different types of feminism, and they all suggest that there are different problems with society and different solutions to those problems. For example, Marxists feminists believe that Liberal feminists are wrong to suggest that inequality is mainly the product of outdated laws, whilst they reject the radical feminist view that it is the result of patriarchy. For a Marxist Feminist, gender inequality is the result of capitalism, and women’s position in society and their subordination perform a number of important functions for capitalist society.

This A-Level Sociology Video explores concepts such as Poststructuralism, Marxist feminism, Dual systems feminism and essentialism.

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