Why do Young Working Class People Commit Crime? PART 2

Published on 17th August 2016 by

Why do Young Working Class People Commit Crime? PART 2

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Who coined the term 'Focal Concerns'?

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Who argued that delinquents are similar to everyone else in their values and voice similar feelings of outrage about crime in general as the majority of society?

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Matza argued that youth deviance becomes possible when they use techniques of neutralisation. What does that mean?

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Why does Matza criticise subcultural theories?

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Who argues that delinquency is the consequence of normal working class values and that these are socialised for many generations?

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Snippet from Video:

In part one we looked at why young working class people young men in particular commit crime. We looked at the different strain theories that are based on Merton’s original theory. This concluded that all subcultures are committed to money success. In this way, subcultures are seen as a reaction by male working class lads’ inability to obtain this goal. Other sociologists utilise this concept, but do not share such functionalist assumptions.

This A-Level Sociology video explores concepts such as money success, strain theory, Miller’s Focal Concerns, Subterranean Values and justifications of neutralisation.

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