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Woodhead’s Theory of Religious Feminism

Woodhead’s Theory of Religious Feminism Linda Woodhead is a British sociologist and theologian who has studied religion and gender extensively. Her research focuses on how religious beliefs can be used to promote women’s liberation, and she has contributed significantly to the understanding of religious feminism. In particular, her work has focused on the hijab, or […]

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Gender Differences in Crime – Chivalry Thesis

The Chivalry Thesis: Examining Gender Differences in Crime In 1950, sociologist Edmund Pollak coined the concept of the chivalry thesis —state that as most criminal justice agents like magistrates and judges and police officers are mainly men, they are also socialised to act in a chivalrous way towards women. While there is some evidence to support this thesis, […]

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Exploring the Concept of Toxic Masculinity: A-Level Sociology Explanations

Exploring the Concept of Toxic Masculinity The term ‘toxic masculinity‘ was first coined by sociologist Shepard Bliss in the late 1980s. It has since become a widely accepted concept, used to describe masculine behavior that is deemed harmful to society or individuals. In this blog post, we’ll explore what toxic masculinity is and why it […]

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