How is Green Crime a Global Crime?

Published on 1st October 2017 by

How is Green Crime a Global Crime?

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This video examines Green crime, or environmental crime, and expands the premise that massive interconnectedness leads to globalisation creating opportunities for crimes against the environment. Green crime is viewed through the lens of negative impacts on the worldwide eco-system.

This allows for analysis of dangerous, illegal, or unethical behaviours and actions which threaten some part of the environment. For example, a nuclear meltdown or pollution emanating from one location, can have far reaching impacts on a totally separate region of the globe.

The impacts of nuclear radiation escaping or acid rain from industry by-products can impact the environment thousands of miles away.

This A-Level Sociology video will investigate issues such as anthropocentric and ecocentric definitions of harm , Glocal, Global Risk Society, primary and secondary types of green crimes, and a look at the Bhopal disaster.

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