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PostmodernistHi, Welcome to Precooked Sociology!

We have numerous a-level sociology videos and accompanying resources such as worksheets, Cornell Notes and quizzes. Each video investigates a specific question and guides the student through the sociological knowledge required to answer the question, providing material alongside the video to help them do so.

We aim to provide core knowledge for Year 1 and Year 2 A Level Sociology. We want to encourage long-term retention for students studying any exam board in the UK. See below for a range of examples if videos that we have produced. Click the image and explore other related learning material too!

Feel free to access the various video resources below, and if you would like to access our extensive video library then why not subscribe?

Revise for 3 minutes. Access quiz and other learning material too!
Revise for 7 minutes. Access quiz and other learning material too!
Marxist view of the family

If you enjoy our resources and find them useful in the classroom or for your own studies, why not head over to our subscription page to see if there is an option that might work for you? We have separate subscriptions for students, teachers or schools and academies.

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