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We provide FREE A-Level and GCSE Sociology Videos for students and teachers. All our videos have been researched by teachers and examiners for maximum long-term retention of A-Level Sociology and GCSE Sociology.

Teachers have used our resources for the past five years to flip lessons to maximise learning: Students watch an A-Level Sociology video and complete our guided questions worksheets before the lessons, ensuring they have learned a great deal of the lesson content before you teach them. This means the teacher can focus on higher-order thinking, provide in-depth questioning and material, or support those who need additional help.

Our free A-Level and GCSE sociology videos explore the following exam topics:

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Our goal is simple: make teaching and learning easier, more effective and enjoyable.

We aim to provide core knowledge for Year 1 and Year 2 A Level Sociology. We want to encourage long-term retention for students studying any exam board in the UK.

Precooked Sociology is a fab resource. Practical and easy to access and invaluable to my students. Great for flipped learning and revision.

Laura Macdonald, Sociology, Criminology & Politics Teacher


A typical Precooked Sociology A-Level Videos include:

  • Introduction: a 20 second summary
  • Concept time! a brief, yet more in-depth examination of one single concept.
  • Methods in Context: a focus on one element of the ‘Methods’ part of specifications.
  • Key study: outline of a well-known study in a niche area.
  • Evaluation: excellent breakdown of both the strengths, limitations and criticisms of an area of sociology and/or theory.
  • Summary: a brief summary of the content.
  • Quiz: an opportunity for students to test their understanding of the covered content. The quiz is below the video player.
  • Cornell Notes Worksheet: downloadable resource for students to take notes and ask questions of material whilst they watch a video.
  • Video Topic Worksheet: also a downloadable worksheet, where students complete guided questions linked to material in the video. This is a great resource which students can bring to your lesson for further discussion.

Precooked Sociology provides an informative , regularly updated series of A-Level Sociology videos on Families and Households, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods. Students may use these videos to extend and consolidate their learning and for revision purposes and they may be particularly helpful if students are following a “flipped learning” course.

Russell Haggar, Author of Earlham Sociology Pages website.